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We select high-quality manufacturers that fit your budget and don't cost you an arm and a leg

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Interior design
Дизайн жилых интерьеров
Custom furniture
Furniture restoration
Chair with coffee table
Architectural design

A project designer consults workers and contractors to resolve all the issues that arise and save customer's time. The convenience of clients is our top priority

Design only from eco-friendly materials

We gathered a team of professionals who share our philosophy and views. Each of us works for better service and quality in interior design with customers in mind
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Custom Furniture

Mosa sofa
Mosa sofa 

3-seat sofa bed

Fojo armchair
Fojo armchair

Armchair with headrest

Bean bag chair
Bean bag chair 

Made of durable soft velour 

Zwon armchair
Zwon armchair

Comfortable upholstered back, wide seat, dark-gray



Gaufer lamp<br>
Gaufer lamp
Minimalist lamp, light-gray
Protting floor lamp<br>
Protting floor lamp
Premium floor lamp, gold
Gia lamp<br>
Gia lamp
Large pendant modern lamp, white
Kollin&nbsp;floor lamp<br>
Kollin floor lamp
Floor lamp with blue metal leg

Our team is qualified and gifted designers and architects. We create both functional and aesthetic design for you and your family

Completed projects
John Smith


Each project is unique and well-thought-out.
It reflects our studio style and a customer's view.
We take into account all the customer requirements

Why Choose Us?

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We take care of our customers and use only eco-friendly materials
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Everything ingenious is simple. All our projects are created with this idea in mind
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With love
Everything we do is handmade, and we put our heart and soul into each project!

Our Clients Say...

Ordered a custom closet and was surprised by the quality of the work! They made everything quickly, at a very reasonable price. Highly recommend.
I contacted the company to get interior design services for my new apartment. I'm absolutely contented with the result. They are real professionals!
Ordered the restoration of the family desk. They did their work so well that the result exceeded my expectations. I also liked the price and turnaround period.
Our manager will contact you within 5 minutes
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